The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide by Oliver Wolf

‘Tis the season to over-eat! We all feel it in the air when the season changes; the air gets crisper and cooler, the leaves change colors and then fall off. The holiday season has come to life just as quickly as everyone’s cravings for hot cocoa and pecan pie. In these 3 Holiday blogs, I am going to reveal some of the greatest and simplest tricks to avoidi falling victim to the holiday munchies. I will also include some recipes that will allow you to indulge without post-holiday guilt. It is very important to remember that winter will be gone just as quickly as it came, and it will be swim suit season before you know it!

1. Surviving “The Holiday Party”
Whether it is a Christmas party, or a Thanksgiving party, or a New Years party, the temptation for delicious and fattening foods will be overwhelming. It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a party and begin to mindlessly and recklessly eat. You may think “well, he/she is eating this, so I guess I can too,” or “well, it is the holidays so I guess I deserve to eat what I want.” Both of these thoughts are reckless. Just because you see someone eating something does not mean that you can or should do the same. That person could be running marathons for all you know! The point is, making assumptions like that is not a good idea.
Here are two great ways to ward off temptation, or at least diminish it. One, snack before the party. Two, bring a healthy dish to the party. Snack before the party on foods that you know are healthy. You will be fuller and less likely to overeat. Good snack ideas are ones that are filling and include some protein – cut veggies and hummus or Greek yogurt and fruit. Never go to a holiday party starving! You don’t want to feel desperate. Offering to bring food is a great idea too. For example – crudité, fruit salad or spinach salad. Be proactive and bring something that is healthy and you enjoy eating. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can also ask the host what food will be at the party. This will help you plan ahead. Planning ahead is key!