Why is “juicing” a recent trend? By Oliver Wolf

It is a little known fact that fad diets have been around since the Victorian era. The first widely acknowledged fad diet was the “Vinegar & Water Diet” made famous by Lord Byron in the 1820’s. Since then, many of these diets have come and gone. From the “Grapefruit Diet” of 1934 to the “Sleeping Beauty Diet” of 1976 (where the individual is put into a medically induced coma to lose weight), these trendy and radical diets have been around for a while. There are still reports of modern-day people swallowing tapeworms in desperate attempts to lose some weight. The extent to which people will go to drop a few pounds is absolutely astonishing! It seems fair to say that juice cleansing is the new fad diet of the moment. The first real juicing service to be opened was Liquiteria Juice Bar, opened in 1996 by Doug Green in New York City. When Liquiteria first opened, juicing was quite taboo.

Since then, juicing has taken off, generating numerous imitators hoping to join in on the success. There are now dozens of rapidly expanding juice brands, promising a natural and healthy lifestyle through their cold pressed, and pricy juices. People around the country are starting to stock their fridges with these $10, brightly colored bottles of juice. Copying what they see in the media, children as young as six years old have been reportedly indulging in these exorbitant drinks. A swarm of celebrities have helped lead the way for the juice cleanse frenzy that is sweeping the country. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Seacrest, and Megan Fox along with many of Hollywood’s other top A-listers are now juicing fasting. Part of this hype is just the fame and fortune obsessed society we live in buying into this latest trend. These fashionable beverages are hyped to bring health, but end up bringing only the allure of financial superiority along with an uneven showering of nutrients.

The main question is: Why now? Why are juice cleanses the trend now? My answer would be that juice cleansing meets the ever changing needs of the modern day person. The modern day person is busy, moving around from appointment to appointment. They have to juggle everything while trying to eat the right food for their bodies. They are looking for ways to get healthy food that can be taken with them as they zoom about their day. Not only that, but they are looking for a way to get this food quickly. Juice cleanses fit this need perfectly.